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6 min read

An Easy Way to Track YouTube Leads

By Scott Desgrosseilliers on Oct 2, 2018 8:37:24 AM

Topics: YouTube

In this video, Scott’s going to show you an easy, simple three-step process to track every single YouTube lead. The problem with tracking has been a problem since advertising was created itself. The father of advertising said, “Half my money is wasted. I just don’t know which half.” Well good news for us is that YouTube has made lead tracking way easier to do. So here’s your three-step process.

Also, if you happen to read faster than Scott talks, feel free to read the transcript with images below the video.



Here is the transcription with slides converted to images:

The problem with tracking has been a problem since advertising was created itself. The father of advertising said, “Half my money is wasted. I just don’t know which half.”

Well good news for us is that YouTube has made lead tracking way easier to do. So here’s your three-step process.

First, we’re going to cover how to globally set up your tracking. Then the steps to take before you get into create the campaign inside YouTube, that’ll make things much easier for you. And then we’ll create the trackable campaign, which is surprisingly fast.

First, there’s something called a global tracking setup that you can do in Google ads. Under your settings, go to account settings, click on tracking.

From there, there’s a tracking template field. If we set that correctly, it’s going to allow us to have tracking on every outgoing link click from our Google ads.

So if you’re a Wicked Reports customer watching this, we have a template we would want you to use, and you would update this at your account level as a onetime action. Then all your ads have the correct tracking on the link. If you’re a non-Wicked Reports customer, we’re going to put the tracking template on the ad each time, and I’ll show you this in a few slides.

Before you get in there to YouTube and start mucking around, you’re going to want to have a video that seems clear, but you’d be surprised, you get in there, if you don’t have the ads in the right format, in the right spot, you’re going to waste a lot of frustration. So first, have a video. Slidely/Promo, has a great service for videos. If you don’t already have one I recommend it.

Then make sure the video follows what YouTube wants. Notice 12 seconds minimum, less than three minutes maximum, and then upload the YouTube video to your channel.

Lastly, have a URL that captures leads. I’m showing you one of ours. It’s not the best for capturing leads, but it does actually capture them when people go there and put their email in.

So the third thing, let’s make the trackable YouTube campaign. You want to create a new campaign with a Goal of leads and a Type of video. At the next screen at the top, you’re going to fill in your campaign and ad group inputs for budget and targeting.

At that point, you’re going to get to create your own video ad, and that’s what I want to walk you through here. At the top, I picked my URL from YouTube. I just pasted it in. This is the ad format that is going allow you to track the leads automatically. This URL is the opt-in screen and then the tracking template, if you’re Wicked Reports customer, is already going to inherit the template. You have nothing more to do other than fill in these values. Make sure you like how they’re going to look, and then hit save, and your ad’s created and Wicked Reports will track it all.

Now, if you’re not a Wicked Reports customer, each ad in this field that needs to be updated, and how you’re going to update it, is this way. You would paste in this text and where I’ve highlighted, you would put in terms, or text I should say, that makes sense to you. Now I like the campaign UTM to be the campaign name, and the term to be YouTube to match the other searched keywords and other audiences you’re going to have, and then for content you can put the name of the ad or the video or some naming scheme of your own, but you’ll want to do that for every ad and you can customize it further here. Now again, if you’re Wicked Reports, we do that automatically for you. You don’t have to worry about it. One less thing to do.

That’s it. You’re using trackable YouTube video ads for lead generation just like that.

Now, if you’re a Wicked Reports customer, we’re going to track the lifetime value against the leads over time, so you can see true ROI against the campaigns from AdWords that brought you the leads, either new or existing. Every day, as there’s new sales, we’ll update the ROI and revenue accordingly, and you see this guy’s got some pretty good ROI here over time.

We happened to be the world’s leading marketing attribution platform for lead based, small and medium business paid traffic marketers, because we identify the marketing that finds high lifetime value customers at great ROI. The key factor being, “over time”.

We’ve tracked a ton of data in the past, we’re over 2.3 billion in small business sales thus far.

Along with a lot of key partners, you probably recognize these people.

Take all those videos you have on YouTube and start using them to generate more leads, and then with this process you’ll know where they came from. Hope they turn into high value customers over time for you. Take it easy.

If you are a data-driven marketer who wants access to industry leading tools for optimizing marketing ROI over time, book a demo with us today.